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Miniolive 200 PROF System Equipments

1. Miniolive 200 PROF Extraction Unit

This series is preferred by small and medium-scale boutique olive oil producers. Operated with auxiliary machinery and equipment, it enables you to create a reduced olive oil production line in limited locations. It has the capacity to process 150-200 kg of olive paste per hour.  In Miniolive 200 PROF series machines, the cycloid gear box system gives the decanter more strength and enables it to work more quietly.

This model processes the olive paste at different speeds by making adjustments based on the olive type and harvesting time of the olives, thus, enables you to work more comfortably. Particularly in order to provide an advantage in production areas without air conditioning, the malaxator heating system produced as standard enables olive paste to be processed within the ideal heat range (18 - 27 degrees) based on the need and increases your olive oil output yield.


2. Master 200 PROF Olive Washing & Defoliaton Unit

Master 200 PROF olive washing and defoliation unit is a model that works effectively for olives that have a low-medium density of leaves. There is an adjustable-speed screw conveyor for olives that works in a horizontal position on the upper bunker of the unit. Adjusting the speed of the screw conveyor enables the leaves to be discharged from the system in a much more homogenous way.

Running the system is a quite simple process. The collected olives are put on the top bunker of the machine, the olives are discharged into the lower bunker of the machine through the adjustable-speed screw conveyor for olives. After the olives fall into the lower bunker, leaves among the olives are thrown out of the system through a fan. A constant water inflow is provided into the lower bunker and wastewater is thrown out of the system through the discharge valve. Washed olives are sent to the next production stage through the screw conveyor.


3. Control Panel

It is the control panel of all system. It is positioned next to extraction unit. With the multi plug, connection is maden on extraction unit and washing unit.

Why Miniolive Boutique Olive Oil Machine?


  • Provides the advantage to pay off early with low investment cost
  • Makes olive oil production in a limited area possible thanks to the reduced machine sizes
  • Provides advantage for branding of your own production
  • Creates added value by maintaining olive oil quality criteria during production
  • Equipment and machine options suitable for various production purposes
  • Affordable energy consumption cost, affordable processing of olives collected daily
  • Not causing any harm to the environment and being exempt from various documents and projects required by the Ministry of Environment for olive oil production
  • Has the necessary conditions for the production of organic olive oil
  • Minimizes olive oil leakage to olive mill pomace



Miniolive 200 PROF Extraction Unit

Master 200 PROF Olive Washing and Defoliation Unit

Control Panel


150 - 200 kg/h 150 - 200 kg/h *

Installed Power

9.82 kW

1.46 kW (invertor controlled)

11.28 kW; 380 V


650 kg

170 kg

73 kg

Dimensions (W x L x H)

820 x 2.300 x 1.800 mm

 920 x 2.000 x 2.300 mm

600 x 700 x 1.250 mm

Approximate Power Consumption



6 kW/h

Raw Material

AISI 304 Stainless Steel AISI 304 Stainless Steel