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Miniolive 400 PROF System Equipments

1- Miniolive 400 Extraction Unit

It is a model preferred by large-scale boutique olive oil producers.  Operated with auxiliary machinery and equipment, it enables you to reach high production capacities in limited production locations. Miniolive 400 series machines have the capacity to process 350-400 kg of olive paste per hour. Its double malaxator structure enables olives of different types and sizes to be simultaneously processed in separate malaxators reducing waiting times, thus it enables the olives of different types and sizes to be processed faster. The cycloid gear box system in the machine gives the decanter more strength and enables it to work more quietly.

Miniolive 400 processes the olive paste at different speeds by making adjustments based on the olive type and harvesting time of the olives, thus, enables you to work more comfortably.  Particularly in order to provide an advantage in production areas without air conditioning, the malaxator heating system produced as standard enables olive paste to be processed within the ideal heat range (18 - 27 degrees) based on the need and increases your olive oil output yield.


2- ZTB 1000 Olive Conveyor Belt

Crated olives are put into the concrete pit, flush-mounted the olive bunker on the ground. The olives pass through the leaf aspirator on the upper part of the belt by means of a PVC olive conveyor belt that can contact with foodstuff and then they are transferred to the olive washing and defoliation unit as debranched and defoliated. The debranching and defoliation processes of olives take place in two steps: first on the conveyor belt and then in the washing and defoliation unit.

ZTB 1000 Olive Conveyor Belt electric engine works in connection with the inverter, thus provides the service of the olives at the desired speed. The speed control of the belt is easily performed with the speed adjustment button on the control unit of the system. The olive conveyor belt operates automatically, the operation speed of the belt can be manually adjusted to the desired speed. The belt is defined to the system automation, it shuts down itself in case of an emergency.


3- PROF 1000 Olive Washing & Defoliation Unit

PROF 1000 Olive Washing and Defoliation Unit is a model that works effectively for olives that have dense leaves and pieces of branches. It keeps possible stones and foreign bodies that might have fallen in the washing unit in its chamber thus prevents damages to the system. 

PROF 1000 model is different from other olive washing units in terms of equipment and capacity.  The unit works directly coupled to an olive conveyor band and an olive crusher elevator. It is an ideal model for enterprises with high daily olive processing tonnages.

The system starts to operate after the olive washing unit is filled with water and the olives are put into the vibrating bunker of the washing unit via the olive conveyor belt. The olives moving through the vibrating bunker pass through the aspirator and are debranched and defoliated. The olives moving through the water channel with a continuous water circulation flow, pass through a grid and pour into the olive bunker of the crusher elevator in a clean state. The special curved area of the unit keeps foreign bodies with high density here. Foreign bodies are thrown out of the system by a manually operated discharge spiral.


4- ZKE 1000 Olive Crusher Elevator

Screw conveyor with bunker carries the cleaned olives from olive washing and defoliation unit to the crusher unit of the system.


5- Control Panel

It is the control panel of all system. It is positioned next to extraction unit. With the multi plug, connection is maden on extraction unit and washing unit.