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F) The Cooling Group

The product which is pelletized by the feeding conveyor Z, is transferred to the cooling unit for the cooling process. The 450 bucket is manufactured from 3 mm of iron sheet and has the horizontal size of 4330 mm and is in 3450 mm height.

The Air Locks

They are located in the entrance of the cooling unit and at the cyclone exit. They both provide the regular flow of the materials to the cooler and also prevent the air emission from the upper side, which is important since the cooling process is facilitated via aspiration.

The Cooling Cabin

It maintains the cooling of the hot pelletized product that has arrived. It is manufactured in 1350 x 1350 x 1800 mm size from 3 mm of iron sheet. It has 3 tones of cooling capacity per hour. The system with reverse air flow movement that is commanded by a three grid containing reductor with brakes is used for the cooling process. The air in the medium is absorbed from the bottom of the system to the top and when the air passes over the pellets it also removes the hot air over them. Thus the pellets are cooled.

The Cyclone and Fan

They are components of the cooling unit. A fan absorbs the thin dust coming from the cooled pellets and gathers them in the cyclone to prevent them to be discarded from the chimney. The fan has a 5 m3 capacity. The heavy dust particles are accumulated by passing through the cyclone to the air lock. This product can be reentered into the pelletizing machine for repelletization.

The pellet that had been cooled via the sensors over the cooling group is fallen onto the pellet sieve in one lower group in order to become sifted. The dust ratio of the pellet is about 2 to 3 %.

The Vibrating Sieve

It separates the dust of the pelletized feed. It is manufactured from 3 mm of iron sheet in 610 x 1000 mm size. The hole diameter of the sieve may change according to the pellet diameter. The dust of any kind of pellet can be removed and a special chassis system is adjuncted into the system to minimize the vibration effect.