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E) The Pelletizing Group

Pellet Pressing Feeding Helix and Bunker: The grinded and mixed product is transferred into the pellet pressing bunker via the helix. The overflowing of the material from the bunker is prevented via 2 level adjustment sensors.


The Conditioner Feeding Helix

The product which is transferred into the pellet pressing bunker is then passed through the conditioner feeding helix that operates to feed the pellet pressing machine on a regular basis. The feeding helix is controlled with the pace adjustment equipment and is a Ø160 U helix made of stainless iron sheet of 3 mm thick. It consists of double twisted stainless sheets of helix and has 1400 mm of length approximately.

The Conditioner

 The genuine purpose of the conditioner unit is to provide the homogeneous addition of the liquidified or the steam material that will be added to the product during pelletizing. It has Ø340x1400mm size and is made from stainless iron sheet of 3 mm thickness and has a mixing unit with a puddle. The steam and the molass entries are adjuncted into the system. The steam is provided into the system via an electrical boiler.

The Boiler

The boiler has 80 kg of steam production capacity. It contains a 60 KW power electrical resistance and an automatic pump with a 4 level switch. It contains a high pressure safety system and an audible alarm system. The steam inside the water is separated thanks to the boiler and is transferred as dry steam in order to be fused with the feed in conditioner. The ratio of the steam inside is adjusted according to the ratio of the feed provided inside.

The Pellet Pressing

The pellet pressing engine has 22 KW power and 940 d/d. the engine belt is moved by a pulley. The hourly capacity of the engine differs between 1250 to 1750 kg and is changed according to the diameter of the pellet disc, the ratio of the cereals contained in the feed and the type of the raw material used.

Feeds up to 4-5-6 mm size can be obtained with the pellet pressing machine. A separate disc is required to obtain every diameter. The length of the pelletized feed can be adjusted via the knives mounted on the lid. The pelletizing process is maintained via the manually adjusted double roll system.

The disc X46Cr13 is manufactured from specialized raw material. The disc and the rolls used in the system are specially manufactured for our company in the Netherlands.

A thermal switch is present in the electrical panel to protect the engine against overloading during the packaging. By taking the situations that the thermal switch will not function into account, a safety pin is situated in addition as the mechanical precaution.

The pelletized product comes out of the pelletizing machine approximately in 50 to 60 degrees Celcius temperature. When the product is packaged directly, it will not only disintegrate but will also burn inside because of the excess heat it contains. In order to prevent these undesired consequences, a cooling process is required if the pelletized product will not be cooled in its natural medium.