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The Grinding Unit

The 6 mm sieve has 4 tones of grinding capacity. The grinding motor works with 22 KW in 3000 d/d. The grinding unit is surrounded by a 360° sieve. The feed is processed into the system from the middle (The system operates with a vertical grinding mill). The system is manufactured with the latest technology and provides a more homogeneous grinding process in comparison with the other systems and operates without as much noise. The thickness of the grinded feed is adjusted via the implementation of sieves with larger or thinner holes. The second component of the system is the mixing unit.

The Mixing Unit

The mixer has a motor of 7.5 KW power with a 1800 liter volume. The mixer is composed of two helices which are intertwined in each other and are located as right-oriented and left-oriented. The initiation is maintained with a soft-start initiation in order to provide ease in the start up. When materials such as minerals, salts, etc. are added into the feed following the grinding procedure, the scientifically adjusted feed is achieved. In accordance with the demand of the user, the final product is either emptied into the packaging unit for being packaged as powder feed into sacks or is transferred into the helix of the pelletizing bunker to become pelletized.

The Weigher Unit

The weigher unit is used to obtain the products to be packed at standard weights once the feed had been transferred from the sack filler unit through a packed. The weigher unit with digital indicator is programmable through the combined keys.


KT 1000K

Breaking & Mixing Capacity

1.750 - 2.000 kg/h

Breaking Capacity

1.600 - 5.500 kg/h

Mixing Time

5 min.

Mixing Capacity

1.800 lt

Sack Fill Time

20 sec.

Breaking Motor Power

25 hp, 380v

Mixing Motor Power

15 hp, 380v

Sack Fill Motor Power

3 hp, 380v


1.545 kg

Dimensions (W x L x H)

150 x 337 x 248  cm

Number of Blades


Weigher Unit

Weighing Capacity

100 kg 

Weighing Panel

Digital - Programmeble