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C) The Dosage Group

The dosage bunker has the 1240 x 1240 x 1100mm size and is manufactured from 3 mm of sheet iron. It is mounted on to the 4 lama type load cells each of which are of 500 kg capacity over the dosage weighing bunker.

The dosage weigh-bridge has a pneumatic emptying lid. The materials are sent in to the dosage weigh bridge in accordance with the desired ratios. Then the pneumatic lid empties the product into the weighing bridge bunker in one lower lever. When the product in the weighing bridge is emptied the pneumatic lid is closed and the ratio adjustment process is initiated n the upper level for another cycle, whereas the mixture that has already arrived from the upper level is emptied into the bunker of the grinding unit via the dosaging helice.


Ration Bunker Capacity

250 kg

Weighing Capacity

1.000 kg

Weighing Panel


Carrying Bunker Capacity

250 kg

Carrying Helix Motor Power

1,5 hp, 380v


185 kg


205 x 87 x 228 cm