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B) The Silo Group

There are 6 silos present in our current system. There are 2 helices with 3 exits over the silos. Which raw material will be transferred to which of the silos is determined in the main panel and the filling process to the desired silo is realized thanks the implementation of the pneumatic valves. The standard silo size is 1000x1000x2500 mm and the silos are manufactured from 3mm of sheet iron. The approximate silo size is 2.3 m³. The silo dimensions and the number of the silos included in the system can be customized according to the customer demands.

The Silo Operating Principles : Compound feed up to 500 kg can be prepared at once in the system following the input of different raw materials into the silo. The amounts of the cereals that will be used from each silo is entered in the ratio panel and the desired amount of the desired raw material is transferred to the system via the lower helices.