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Economic Type Mini Pellet Feed Plant

Why Pellet Feed?

  • The main purpose of compressing of powder feeds is to eliminate some problems in powder feeds consumed.
  • Powder feeds intermingle with the air in the powder form during consumption and cause some lung and respiratory problems for the animals.
  • Besides, powder feeds are consumed by the animals reluctantly because of their scent.
  • On the other hand, the pellet feed is consumed by the animals tastefully due to its flavour and preferable scent.
Advantages of Pellet Feed
  • High digestibility
  • The decrease in the feed loss caused by the consuming habits of the animals
  • Feeds consumed by the animals are absorbed more in the intestines than in the rumen.
  • Higher milk yield
  • Higher meat production efficiency of the stocks in a shorter time
  • The warehousing cost is decreased and the durability is increased
  • Longer storage time
  • The formation of bacteria and fungus is at minimum level.


Area of Usage
  • Cattle and small cattle milk feed
  • Poultry feeds
  • Fish feeds
  • Pomace pelletizing (olive-oil residue)
  • All grain groups
  • Straw and clover



Weighing and Feed Loading Unit

Supply Bunker Capacity

250 - 500 kg

Weighing Capacity

1.000 kg

Weigher Panel


Helix Motor Power

1,5 hp,250 rpm,380v


185 kg

Dimensions (W x L x H)

125 x 125 x 270 cm

Breaker - Mixer and Sack Fill Unit

Breaking and Mixing Capacity

750-1.000 kg/h

Breaking Capacity

1.030-2.750 kg/h

Mixing Time

3,5 min.

Mixing Capacity

800 lt
Sack Fill Time

22 sec.

Breaking Motor Power

15 hp, 380v
Mixing Motor Power

10 hp, 380v

Sack Fill Motor Power

1,5 hp, 380v


920 kg

Dimensions (W x L x H)

137 x 277 x 205
Number of Blades


Feed Loading Unit

Motor Power

11,5 hp, 380v
Feed Bunker Capacity

900 lt


145 kg

Loading Height

290 kg

Dimensions  (W x L x H)

110 x 295 x 320 cm

Pelletizing Unit

Motor Power

22-30 kW

Pelletizing Capacity (8 mm disc)

300-500 kg/h

**Produced based on the capacity needs between 250 kg/h – 1500 kg/h

**Boiler and conditioner are optional.