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ZDK-80 and ZDK-60 Decanter

Decanter is used to decompose the residue, water and the olive oil on based of respective specific gravities as a result of the centrifuge forces by pressing the paste in the tank at high speeds. A peeling off system was developed in the front side in order to prevent the accumulation of the residue on surfaces once exited from the drum. Main chassis of decanter drum is made of steel St 37. Each surfaces of decanter became in contact with the olive paste is produced out of stainless steel AISI 304 conforming to the food regulations. Decanter was designed to be operable at two and three phases. The residue, wastewater and the oil are extracted from decanter at three phased systems and the residue & oil from decanter at double phased systems (ecologic systems).



ZDK 60

ZDK 80

Ecologic Features

1.920 - 2.200 kg/h

2.650 - 3.050  kg/h

Three Phased Capacity

2.073 - 2.376  kg/h

2.850 - 3.280  kg/h

Drum Diameter

470 mm

470 mm

Drum Length

1.670 mm

2.080 mm

Engine Power

22 kW

30 kW

Max. Running Speed

3.000 rpm

3.000 rpm

Dimensions (W x L x H)

1.620 x 3.390 x 1.800 mm

1.620 x 3.800 x 1.800 mm


2.703 kg

3.150 kg