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The olive-washing unit is completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel in accordance with the food instructions. The olives carried by olive carrying conveyor are spread on the surface with the help of a special design vibrant distribution system. The air passages on the surface discharge the leaves at the bottom out. The materials such as stone, ramification, etc. that come to the reservoir together with the olives sink to the bottom of the water at specially curled reservoir and after the machine stops, they are discharged out with the help of a spiral. The olives washed in the washing reservoir come to the vibrated sieve located at the front side and poured into the feeding screw bunker after separating from water. Thanks to pump, the circulation of water in washing reservoir is recognized regularly. Water filling reservoir is composed of two sections in order that the materials inside water such as mud, etc are prevented from damaging the pump.


Olive carrying conveyor is designed completely in accordance with the food instructions. The chassis and bunker of the conveyor line are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel. Tightening system of conveyor line is carried out with a screw and discharged from the front side by the coupled redactor engine. Line rubber has 40 cm width and manufactured from PVC material with 3 mm thickness in a spiked and “C” shape conforming to the food instructions.


ZYM Olive Washing Unit


4.500 kg/h


AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Sheet Metal Thickness

2.5 mm

Water Capacity of Reservour

1000 kg

Vibrating Engine Power

0.18 kW

Pump Engine Power

1,1 kW

Aspirator Engine Power

2.2 kW

Dimensions (W x L x H)

1.540 x 3.297 x 1.960 mm


380 kg

ZBT-5 Olive Carrying Conveyor


4.000 kg/h

Carriage Conveyor Material

AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Conveyor Line Drum

St 37 Steel

Pallet Material

Bunker Material Thickness

2 mm



Carriying Speed

40 m/min.

Engine Power

1.1 kW

Bunker Capacity

0.62 m3

Dimensions (W x L x H)

1.360 x 5.800 x 2.740 mm

Bunker Dimensions (W x L x H)

1.360 x 1.400 mm

320 kg