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1. Breaker Part

The capacity of first raw material bunker is approximately 350 kg. The animal feed raw material which are put into the bunker is attained vertical system hammer mill via gate. There is a magnet in the gate. The animal feed ( wheat, maize, barley etc.) are broken homogeneously in the hammer mill and they are attained to the mixer silo via helix. The flow of animal feed is very regular because of the special desing of the gate.

2. Mixer Part

The capacity of mixer silo is 700 – 900 kg. All animal feed raw materials are mixed homogeneously through vertical helix which is inside of the mixer silo. Transfer of the raw material from hammer mill to the silos and mixing process are done by only one motor and the power is 3 Hp. Belt and pulley system that moves from the engine and transmitted to the carrier mixer helix. The raw materials which are not needed to breake can be directly put the the brekaer lower bunker.The product output is arranged by special designed open-close lever.


KT 750K 


231 cm


148 cm

Maximum Height

233 cm


630 kg

Number of Blades

36 pieces

Breaking Capacity (6 mm sieve)

2.500 kg/h

Breaking Capaticy

1.500 kg/h

Mixer Bunker Volume

1780 Lt.

Mixing Sructure Type


Breaking Motor Power

15 hp

Mixing Motor Power

3 hp